Branching Scenario Workshop

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Sunday May 17th Workshop

If you are interested in engaging in this technology-enabled learning modality to enhance experiential learning experiences for your students, this workshop is for you. It is designed to provide an overview of virtual gaming simulations that use a branching scenario design. The presenters are experienced at developing virtual gaming simulations using branching scenarios. They have led workshops to help others design these simulatons and have published peer reviewed articles on developing branching scenarios. An example of one of our branching scenarios in H5P entitled Skills Practice: A Home Visit can be found at

Participants will learn the process of building a branching scenario, and begin to create their own virtual gaming simulation. One of the key steps, is to create realistic, engaging storyline that embodies learning. The workshop will focus on how to develop a script that is dynamic and fluid. Participants will identity a learning outcome, and then write a few decision points based on these outcomes. Once the script has been developed, videos will be filmed and inputted into H5P. For this workshop, bring a learning outcome you would like to develop into a branching scenario. You will need your computer to access the H5P website and branching tool, plus your phone or other device to film the script. The goal is for you to leave this session with an strong understanding of H5P’s branching scenario tool and how to create a scenario based on specific learning outcomes.

Primary Presenters: Margaret Verkuyl NP PHC MN (Centennial College), Paula Mastrilli RN (George Brown College), PhD & Michelle Hughes RN, Med (Centennial College)

Price: 40 USD

Sponsor of the H5P Conference 2020:
Collaborative Language Program, University of Wisconsin System